Tellington TTouch and animal health

Workshops centered around Tellington TTouch, a hands-on approach to animal health and wellness, are held at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
By David Dickson

Tellington TTouch returns! Last February, TTouch came to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to host a one-week workshop. They just came back for the second of three workshops for the year, with this workshop being taught by Kathy Cascade.

TTouch approach to animal health and wellness

Not to be confused with massage, Tellington TTouch is a hands-on approach to health and wellness that begins in the nervous system and works on a cellular level. But it’s not as complex to learn as it sounds, and it doesn’t take a ton of time. (Becoming a certified TTouch practitioner, though, takes two years.) If you have time to pet your companion animal, you have time to do TTouch.

Tellington TTouch and Best Friends partnership

The partnership between Tellington TTouch and Best Friends began when Kären Rasmussen, a certified TTouch practitioner, came to the sanctuary and held a few workshops while also volunteering in the animal areas. As she spent time at the sanctuary, she realized that the TTouch and Best Friends philosophies are the same. As she put it, "It's kind of like having peanut butter and jelly together." A perfect fit! Everything unfolded from there.

So far, the workshops have been very successful. One of the attendees in the recent workshop, Cindi Harris-Krane, spoke about a cat named Madison who responded so well to the TTouch techniques that she came back three times for more!

Tellington TTouch training at Best Friends will continue again in August. For more information on this program, visit the Tellington TTouch website.

Photo by Best Friends staff