There's no place like home

Once, she couldn't even lift her head. Today, she's found a family to call her own.
By Best Friends Animal Society

Dorothy of Oz found out that she could find home by simply wishing for it. (OK, maybe a couple of bejewelled magic slippers helped.) Glinda the dog, named after Dorothy’s chief mentor, must have tapped into the secret of finding a home by wishing, too, and without the aid of even a ruby dog collar.


She found a family. A great family. And if you remember everything this trooper has been through, that’s a well-deserved happy ending. Glinda was found alongside the highway, unable to move. In fact, when she arrived at Best Friends, she couldn’t stand up and Couldn’t even lift her head. Things looked really bleak.


But this girl was a fighter. Within a short time, she could lift her head. Then, with help, she could stand up for a few seconds. After a couple of weeks, she could take a few hesitant steps with one side of her body, but not the other. A few weeks after that, she started using both sides of her body. Really, it was a miracle in the making to see this girl come back from the brink to a point where she can now run and jump like you wouldn’t believe.


So, back to Glinda’s wish. Ron Curtis and Terry Ansel of Kanab, Utah, were looking for a dog to adopt and Glinda wished her way into their hearts. Ron and Terry also adopted a cat, Sage, and Glinda - formerly a sworn cat enemy - has decided that cats are pretty great after all. They love racing around the house together, teaming up against the ever-elusive laser pen light! You go, Glinda. You’re an inspiration to us all.


Written by David Dickson. Photos by Troy Snow.


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