These animals are serious about one thing — snacks.

Enjoy funny and endearing pictures of animals, including kittens, parrots, a dog, pig and even a desert tortoise, snacking on their favorite foods.
By Christelle L. Del Prete

Feeling snacky? If so, you’re not alone. Sometimes you’ve just got to snag yourself a treat in between meals or take a few extra bites. We caught these Best Friends Animal Sanctuary animals in moments when they weren’t holding back on their cravings.* They’re showing us that it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself, especially at these opportune times.

When you’re at the movies

“Because movies are more fun with popcorn.” Recently our feathered friends at the Parrot Garden got to enjoy a movie day. A laptop served as the big screen and, of course, the movie wouldn’t have been complete without each bird getting his or her own little cup of popcorn.

Amazon grey parrot eating popcorn out of a cup

Green and yellow parrot eating popcorn out of a metal bowl

When you can’t believe the good stuff is really all gone

“Maybe, if I shake the bag hard enough, I’ll find some crumbs at the bottom.” Batman is experiencing that sense of disbelief — when you reach for your favorite snack and the bag is empty. Don’t worry, Batman. Dinner will be served soon, and you’ll get some fresh veggies along with those piggy pellets.

When you’re too hungry to wait

“No need to dirty a plate.” When you’re too impatient to wait for dinner to be served, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands — even if it means eating right out of the carton (or the can).

Black and white cat eating directly out of a Fancy Feast cat food can

When you really need those extra calories

“More milk, please!” It’s kitten season, and little ones at the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Kanab, Utah, need more than three square meals a day. Nursery staff and volunteers are there around the clock to help these babies grow up healthy and strong. Drink up, kiddo.

Tabby and white kitten drinking formula out of a bottle

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When it’s an offer you can’t refuse

“Sure, if you insist.” Powser didn’t even have to beg — not for very long anyway. His human office mate (who just couldn’t resist his adorable, squishy face) kindly offered him this tasty treat. How could he refuse?

When there’s a robbery in progress

“Hold it right there!” These masked marauders aren’t messing around. They’ve been planning to hold up the hay truck for days. Actually, the masks help keep the pesky flies off their faces, and the truck is making a planned stop. But one of the would-be robbers couldn’t wait for the goodies to be unloaded and stole a mouthful of hay.

Two horses wearing fly masks sneaking hay out of delivery truck

When your best friend decides to share

“Don’t be shy. There’s plenty for here for two.” Polishing off a big plate of food is more fun when you split it with a friend. Because sharing really is caring.

Two rabbits sharing fresh product treats from a bowl

Two dark colored cats eating out of the same bowl

When the most delicious meal in the world is just a few steps away

“Delicious food, here I come!” Aggie can move quickly (for a desert tortoise) when an irresistible salad is just a short distance away. Dig in, Aggie. It’s good for you.

*All the animals at Best Friends are served regular healthy meals every day. Our veterinarians and caregivers make sure that each animal gets proper nutrition in addition to treats, as appropriate.

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Photos courtesy of CarolynTracy, Jessica Hagedorn and Best Friends staff