Trolley Square pet adoption center

Best Friends' Trolley Square pet adoption center in Salt Lake City, Utah, has adoptable dogs and cats from Salt Lake County Animal Services (SLCoAS).
By Denise LeBeau

Enabling Salt Lake County Animal Services (SLCoAS) to adopt out some of their best, but sometimes overlooked, cats and dogs is what the Best Friends Animal Society Pet Adoption Center at Trolley Square is accomplishing every day. Dogs like Spencer, a funny, senior chocolate Labrador, are exactly the type of at-risk animals who get a leg up on the adoption front thanks to the center. In the first two months of business, the center adopted out over 100 pets.

Pet adoption center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Located in the mall at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, the adoption center maximizes matchmaking opportunities.

"The response from the community has been great," shares Trielle Gritton, Best Friends adoption coordinator. "In fact," she says, "I’ve had other store employees say that they’ve got more customers because of the center. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to building on this lifesaving success with Salt Lake County Animal Services."

Adopted dogs and cats

Misha Talmon, customer care supervisor, has been with SLCoAS for 20 years. She’s ecstatic over the fact that 47-plus cats and 62-plus dogs are kicking back in new homes thanks to the center. She sees the venue as the crossroads for showcasing shelter pets for people who won’t go to a shelter, while providing a nurturing environment for their charges. Older and shyer pets receive more attention due to the intimate setting and shine. She cites Spencer as the perfect example of why the center is so important.

Family with their dog they adopted from the Trolley Square pet adoption center in SLC, Utah
Spencer's one lucky dog!

Jennifer Plumb met Spencer during the grand opening. She was struck by how endearing he is. His modus operandi includes carrying his leash and asking to go out. Jennifer took her son Max to meet him, and they both looked at his sweet face and fell in love. He’s already settled in nicely with her pack of older rescue dogs.

"He’s a little needy, but he’s an absolute sweetheart," says Jennifer. "I think (the center is) a stroke of genius. Everyone loves the idea of rescuing a shelter dog, but it’s sad because a lot of people don’t want to go to the shelter. The Trolley Square adoption center provides the perfect combination – it has a cheery, boutique feel and provides an outlet for homeless animals. It’s also a phenomenal way to make adopting a pet so mainstream. It changes the way people feel about the experience."

She mentioned that during the opening they ran out of adoptable dogs and had to bring in more.

Adopting a cat after work

Tabby cat with her adopter
A former wallflower is now the center of attention.

Theodora the cat likes to hang back. Even at the center, she’s a bit elusive. So when Stefanie Marxreiter and her boyfriend stopped by after work, they had to meet a few kitties before the cat of their dreams made her presence known.

"We went after work and stayed for an hour. I had recently moved to a cat-friendly apartment, and Trolley Square is so conveniently located," says Stefanie. Because she had passed by before and saw cats in the window, she knew when her time came to add a pet to the family that she would return.

Quentin, an outgoing cat, commanded their attention. "We really liked him, but then Theodora came out of her hidey hole, and we just had an immediate connection."

Theodora Marxreiter is now a confident cat sharing her mews when friends come to visit. "Everyone loves her," says Stefanie.

Support homeless pets in Salt Lake City

Over 30 volunteers help make the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center a success. Find out about volunteering.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Plumb and Stefanie Marxreiter

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