Two rabbits with bad teeth fall in love

True love story of two rabbits at the Sanctuary who fall for one another while receiving dental treatment for a variety of teeth issues.
By David Dickson

Love can creep up in the craziest of places. Forget the personal ads. Forget well-meaning friends with their endless meddling in the form of blind dates. For Little Jerry and his new girlfriend, Haylie, all it took was good luck, good timing, and more than a few visits to the dentist’s chair!

Rabbits with teeth problems

When Little Jerry came to Best Friends from another rescue group not long ago, his teeth were in horrible shape. When a rabbit’s teeth don’t line up properly, that’s bad news in a big way. Rabbit teeth grow forever, and if they don’t line up just right for grinding, those teeth cause huge problems. Lucky for Little Jerry, he’ll have all the regular dental care he needs at the sanctuary. Even luckier for Little Jerry: a dazzling female rabbit just hit the scene and she’s dealing with the same thing.

Haylie, who’d been found as a stray, had plenty of her own dental problems. In fact, she was worse than Little Jerry. Her teeth were sort of like a jigsaw puzzle put together by a two-year-old on a sugar high. Nothing lined up, and that made for a toothy mess. Several of her teeth were also decayed to the point where they had to be pulled, making the puzzle an even crazier fit.

A rabbit love story

All of this translates to plenty of time in the dentist’s chair for Haylie. Lots of grinding and checkups and whatnot. Same thing for Jerry. The rabbit staffers wondered if these two lonely rabbits who had so much in common might hit it off. Guess what? Turns out these two lovebirds were made for each other! They’re quite the happy couple. And heck, consider this: They’ll never run out of things to talk about. "So, Honey, anything exciting happen at the dentist today?"

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Photo by Sarah Ause

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