Ultra-sweet dog mom and her puppies

Princess Buttercup, an ultra-sweet little dog, and her puppies are ready for adoption.
By David Dickson
Sweet little dog mom
Princess Buttercup

When a kind couple found Princess Buttercup the dog in Nevada, the poor girl was all alone and oh-so-very pregnant. They took her in temporarily. A few days later, along came four adorable puppies. As the couple was not in a position to take care of Mom or babies long-term, Princess Buttercup and her litter came to Best Friends when space was available.

Ulta-sweet little dog

Princess Buttercup is as loving as she is cute. "She’s so sweet," says caregiver Taz Christensen. "She’s just perfect."

Here’s one small example of Princess Buttercup’s personality. Many dogs don’t like having their toenails trimmed, or even having their feet touched. When it came time for Princess Buttercup’s toe trim, she actually fell asleep during the process, cuddling in her caregiver’s lap.

Black and white puppy

With such an amazing mom, it’s no surprise her puppies turned out so great. "They’re very healthy puppies," says puppy caregiver Analia Gutierrez. "They have wonderful personalities like Mom."

Dog mom of the year

The puppies — Westley, Inigo, Fezzik and Rous — are four pint-sized little fluff balls who can melt your heart just by looking at you. "They’re all super playful, loving, curious cuddle bugs," says Taz. And yes, they love handing out kisses with reckless abandon.

Princess Buttercup stayed with her puppies until they were old enough to be on their own. "She was a great mom, and took good care of her puppies," says Analia.

Puppy training

Little black puppy

Westley, Inigo, Fezzik and Rous just moved over from the puppy quarantine building to the puppy preschool building. The purpose of the quarantine building, where only staff can interact with the puppies, is to help them stay healthy until they’ve had their first two sets of shots.

Now they’re mingling with the public as the newest stars in the Best Friends puppy socialization class.

One favorite pastime for Westley, Inigo, Fezzik and Rous is to cuddle together on a large stuffed dog when they’re ready for a nap. The stuffed animal helps in the transition period after mom leaves, and these four are already doing great on their own. It’s a safe bet the whole family will find homes sooner rather than later.

Little brown puppy

And this time around, you can bet none of them will be abandoned again. Come on, really, who could let such priceless faces out of their sight?

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Photos by Molly Wald