Unusual blue-eyed rabbit

A unique rabbit with dazzling blue eyes comes to the Sanctuary from an animal shelter in California when her time was just about up.
By David Dickson

Look at those eyes, wouldja? Talk about hypnotic. Jasmine the rabbit could probably con a blank check out of anybody she decided to fix with that mesmerizing gaze. "You wouldn’t mind signing over power of attorney, would you, sweetheart? Not at all? Then sign...right...there..."

Rabbit with mesmerizing eyes

For anybody unfamiliar with rabbits, that striking eye coloring is not at all common. In fact, Bunny House manager Debby Widolf says she has never seen eyes like those on a rabbit before. (And she’s seen a few rabbits, to be sure!) Those dazzling eyes weren’t quite enough to wiggle her out of a particularly bad spot, however. Jasmine was at a shelter in California -- and the clock was ticking. For Jasmine and several other rabbits, time was just about up. Guess that mesmerizing gaze only works its magic when she’s not stressed out about a countdown!

Bunny with blue eyes and other rabbits come to Best Friends

So, with the help of a rabbit rescuer, Jasmine came to Best Friends, along with nine other rabbits from the shelter. Jasmine can finally sigh in relief, knowing she can now bat those lovely lashes as long as it takes to find a home.

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Photos by Molly Wald

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