Volunteer delivers donated supplies to Sanctuary

Volunteer Faye Jensen delivers donated supplies in her Penske truck to the Sanctuary. Her behind-the-scenes efforts are much appreciated.
By David Dickson

Never underestimate the importance of behind-the-scenes folks. Whether it’s the pit crew at the Indy 500 or the groundskeepers at your local park, it’s sometimes the people you don’t see every day who help keep things running smoothly.

Volunteer delivers donated good to Best Friends

One quiet hero is Faye Jensen, a lady who’s been helping Best Friends for over 10 years in her own unique way. Years ago, Faye bought a 24-foot Penske moving truck for the sole purpose of delivering donated goods to Best Friends. She’s been hauling stuff down from northern Utah once a month ever since.

Best Friends had approached the folks at Huish, a large manufacturer of soap products in Salt Lake City, and asked them if they would like to donate products to the sanctuary. Faye, who at one time was a staff trainer at the plant, and her sister Judy, volunteer to do the pick-ups.

Cleaning products to keep the Sanctuary spick and span

So, every month Faye takes her Penske truck over to Huish, where they fill it up with a whopping 12 pallets of their products, everything from laundry detergent to basic cleaners. Anybody who’s ever had a pet knows that, well, cleaning is a part of life,--washing out animal beds or other laundry, scrubbing floors, and so on. For the past decade and then some, all those cleaners have come in mighty handy.

Thanks, Faye, for all the countless hours on the road. Think how many thousands of sweet-smelling animal beds you’ve left in your wake.

Photo by Gary Kalpakoff

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