Water dog goes for a dip

Copland had the time of his life on an outing to the creek and we caught it all on camera.
By Sarah Thornton

Wading, splashing, diving and shaking, Copland is a water dog if ever there was one. He’s always up for any sort of adventure from car rides to long hikes, but there’s nothing better than getting his fur completely soaked.

When his caregivers discovered his love of water, they put a kiddie pool in his yard and it quickly became one of his favorite spots. Now when he wants to play with his toys, they all end up in the pool.

Even knowing how much Copeland loved the water, no one was quite prepared for how excited he would be on his first outing to the nearby creek. “It had to be a short trip because he got so excited about the water, and the long leash they brought wasn’t long enough,” says Kit Rosen-Ducat, one of the dog’s caregivers.

Copeland wanted to completely throw himself into the water to swim and dive this way and that, blow bubbles under the surface and make sure everyone with him got just as drenched.

So, the second time at the creek they brought an even longer leash, along with a GoPro to record all of his antics. Copland had the time of his life.

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