What happens in Vegas...

well, we'll let Snuppy tell you the rest!
By Best Friends Animal Society

Ahhh, Vegas. Land of bright lights, jackpots, high heels with feather boas, and more distractions and interesting smells than a dog could ever hope for. All things considered, it should come as no surprise that one enterprising dog couldn’t quite resist the lures of the big city. Snuppy, a Best Friends dog, was out on a mobile adoption in Vegas. Everything was going fine, until Snuppy finally snapped. He just had to find out if Vegas could possibly live up to all the hype he’d heard.

Snuppy slipped out into the night with a steely resolve and a hefty dose of curiosity. (He’d been staying at an overnight foster home during the adoption event, and he escaped. This is one crafty canine we’re dealing with here.)

Two days later, a woman found Snuppy and took him to a local vet, and of course Snuppy has a microchip. Not long afterward, Snuppy made his way back to Best Friends. He arrived covered in dirt and grease and with a goofy grin on his face. Interrogators have tried everything from doggie treats to extensive back massages in an effort to bribe details out of Snuppy, but he won’t budge. The secrets of Vegas are safe with him, as are the two days he spent there.

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Molly Wald.