Wildlife incubators donation

Best Friends receives two incubators from two very generous donors. These incubators will help rehabilitate orphaned birds and adult birds.
By Best Friends staff

Good news for babies and injured wildlife who make their way to Best Friends! Thanks to a very generous donation, we now have two state-of-the-art incubators to help all our wild friends who come to the sanctuary for help.

Incubators for baby birds

Peri Marek and Peg Urvoas of California saw the incubators on the Best Friends wish list and sent one of the rather pricey items our way. The bird staff was overcome. "This will save a lot of lives," they said. Until then, they were using heating pads and towels to keep baby birds warm! The new incubator will do wonders to keep babies at a consistent, cozy temperature.

So when Peri and Peg called back to ask, "Did you like the new incubator? Would you like the second one on the wish list as well?" bird staff wondered how loudly they could shout "Yes, please!" into the phone without breaking anyone’s eardrums. And so a second one arrived.

Caring for orphaned and adult birds

Now, wild orphans and injured grown-up birds will have a better chance than ever of being nursed to full health at the sanctuary so they can be sent back out to enjoy as much time as nature intended in the wild, free skies.