Year of the Rabbit

In the Chinese New Year, February 3, 2011, is the start of the Year of the Rabbit, and February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit month. Adopt to celebrate!
By David Dickson

There will be carrot cake. Oh yes, there will be mountains of carrot cake. This year, February 3, 2011, marks the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. The rabbits at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary don’t plan to let anybody forget it, either!

Chinese New Year

In the past, the Best Friends rabbits always made sure to celebrate a little more than usual during February, which is international Adopt a Rescued Rabbit month. Since the Chinese New Year also happens to begin in February this year, the rabbits get to throw their regular party, but the celebration will last a full twelve months.

Spontaneous outbursts of giggling from rabbits and caregivers alike are sure to be expected for some time to come.

At the Sanctuary, the folks at the Bunny House are rolling up their sleeves and coming up with rabbit-themed ideas throughout the year. If you’re planning a trip to Best Friends this year, be sure to swing by the bunny area and see what’s happening.

The rabbit staffers are certainly not the only ones making a fuss, however.

Year of the Rabbit celebrations around the world

The Year of the Rabbit is a big deal all over the world. For instance, museums around the world are creating rabbit-themed art displays of incredible beauty and variety. Postage stamps in many countries also feature rabbits this year. Employees at a large public aquarium in South Korea recently took things up a notch: they donned bunny costumes over their regular dive suits and then swam with the fish in front of a delighted crowd.

People born in the Year of the Rabbit

Individuals born in the Year of the Rabbit, which occurs every 12 years, are supposed to possess wisdom, kindness, graciousness and excellent manners among other traits. They’re also supposed to enjoy longevity, which makes anybody born in a rabbit year quite fortunate according to Chinese custom.

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit month

The rabbits at Best Friends believe anybody who aligns him or herself with rabbits — by birth year or by choice — is most definitely lucky! Since the kickoff month of February is also Adopt a Rescued Rabbit month, the rabbits are holding out a secret wish that the true celebrations throughout the year will involve new loving homes time and again. After all, who couldn’t use a little more good fortune in their life?

"This will be a good year for all the bunnies," insists Best Friends' rabbit manager Debby Widolf. "And they wish the same for everybody else!"

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Photos by Sarah Ause and Molly Wald