Yum: Enjoying National Salad Month at Best Friends

May is the official month to celebrate salads, and the pets at the Sanctuary are doing just that. See cute photos of animals eating their leafy greens.
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

Crisp leafy greens and fresh vegetables — who can resist? Certainly not the animals at Best Friends, and since May happens to be National Salad Month, at the Sanctuary there are plenty of salad aficionados 365 days a year. Break out the romaine in celebration!

This leaf is delicious. Darn, I got a stem.

Bunnies eating leafy greens


OMG, I just LOVE salads!

Hogan the potbellied pig eating lettuce


Rabbits have a fairly delicate digestive system. To obtain necessary nutrients, they must be fed a varied diet.

Learn more about rabbit care


Let go, this piece is mine! No, you let go, it’s mine!

Baby cottontail rabbits eating lettuce


You call that a salad? This is a salad!

Cupid the rabbit eating romaine lettuce


This is a soup and salad.

Cedar the duck eating lettuce


This is so much more fun than dinner and a movie.

Jessica the rabbit eating cilantro out of a puzzle toy


Who needs greens? I get plenty of fiber from this delicious phone book.

African grey parrot chewing on a phone book


Even picky parrots enjoy their veggies when they eat chop.

What’s chop? Learn more.


Nothing better than having my minions hand-feed me.

Volunteers feeding lettuce to a rabbit


Chill out dude — there’s plenty for both of us.

Canadian goslings eating lettuce


What’s up doc?

Wilson the rabbit reaching for a carrot


Here, grab an end. We’ll look just like Lady and the Tramp.

Wilson and Lola the rabbits eating cilantro


Silly kitty, don’t you know cats don’t like salads?

Pig eating lettuce with a cat walking by


Why would I eat a salad when I can have a milkshake?

Baby cottontail rabbit being fed from a syringe


He’ll never notice if I help myself to a little nibble.

Penelope the pig and a squirrel eating lettuce


Eat like you mean it!

Foraging pig


The potbellied pigs at Best Friends receive fresh heads of romaine lettuce, along with vegetables and pellets at every meal.

Find out more about a proper pig diet and care


It’s green. That makes it a salad.

Colonel Potter and Major Houlihan the parrots chewing on a toy


Enjoy these salad photos? What other photo feature topics would you like us to share? Please let us know below in the comments.

Photos by Best Friends staff