Zoning laws result in loss of home, but pig is still happy and joyful

Though he lost his home when his family moved due to zoning laws that wouldn't allow a pig, Arnold the pig is one happy, optimistic guy.
By David Dickson

Everybody should have a friend like Arnold the pig. He’s the type of buddy who can make you feel as if you’re the most important person in the world. Pay him a visit and, even if he’s never met you, Arnold will trot over with a huge grin and give you the welcome of a lifetime. The thing is, though, he does this with everybody. (Sorry to burst your bubble!)

Pig loses home due to zoning laws

Pig named Arnold at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Arnold came to Best Friends when his family had to move and couldn’t take him to their new home. Sad to say, this ends up happening to pigs all too often. Many housing areas are not zoned for pigs. So not only are pigs missing out on possible new homes, they can also lose an existing home to zoning problems if their family moves.

One happy, optimistic pig

Arnold had lived with his previous family for seven years. You might think he’d mope around all day missing them. That’s the thing, though. He doesn’t seem to have a pessimistic bone in his whole body. No doubt he does miss his old family, but Arnold is so busy getting to know new people and experiencing new adventures that he doesn’t have time to stew and fret over it.

"He loves everything," says pig caregiver Brandi Bandi. He loves people, meals, treats, toys, adventures, and on and on. He makes Pollyanna look like a glass-half-empty kinda’ gal in comparison! Of course life at Best Friends is great for pigs anyway, but he sure makes it easy. One of his recent discoveries has been the joys of going on walks. Makes sense, really, that he’d take to that so much. For a pig who loves everything he sets his eyes on, a walk is the perfect outing: more to see, more to enjoy.

So to anybody out there who wants to make an instant new best pal, come on over and spend some time with Arnold. Take him for a walk, give him a few ear scratches and belly rubs, or read him financial reports if that suits your fancy. No matter what you do, Arnold is sure to have the time of his life.

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Photos by Sarah Ause

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