9 fun feline affirmations

Jako the cat with his paw up
Respect Your Cat Day is March 28, so we’re celebrating it with affirmations from some amazing cats at the Sanctuary.
By Sarah Thornton

Respect is important in all our relationships, including those we share with our pets. And if you’ve ever loved a cat, you know just how true that is. Knowing when and how your feline family member likes to be petted (and when and how they don’t) is key. Is that fluffy belly a trap or an invitation? That’s what Respect Your Cat Day on March 28 is all about.

Of course, who better to reflect on respect for cats than cats themselves? To celebrate the holiday, we’ve helped the felines at Best Friends come up with a few “pawsitive” affirmations to share with the world.

I am impeccably groomed.

Sunny and Grove the cats grooming each other

Cats love to be clean and tidy, but the pampering is just as important as the final product. So when Sunny and Grove settle in for a nice grooming session, it might take a while ― and that’s OK.

I am impossibly adorable.

Peyton the cat with blue eyes, looking over some branches

Embrace your cute side and don’t be ashamed of using it to get extra treats and attention. At least, that’s what Peyton says. And how could we disagree with a face like that?

I am ignoring you.

Sometimes you just have to tune out distractions and focus on what’s important to you. For Koda, that’s whatever the birds and lizards are up to outside. Not to worry, though: He’ll be back to his shoulder-clinging self as soon as he’s finished watching them.

I am worthy of my perch.

Nadia the cat sitting on a ladder

Nadia doesn’t mind that the ladder is about to be used. Right now, it is her throne and she can only go up from here (or down, if she decides that’s where she’d rather be).

I am ruler of all I see.

Jako the cat chewing on some grass

Cats never question the truth because the world is theirs to do as they please. For Jako, that means the grass is his for chewing and the sand is his for digging. And with such good night vision, he’s not limited to “everything the light touches.”

I am fiercely aloof.

Divya walking on a branch in a catio type environment

Divya might keep her distance sometimes (high up on the trees at the top of her quiet catio), but she just wants to be sure she can trust a new person before letting her guard down. Then she’ll be down for some treats and toys.

I am built to pounce.

As soon as kittens figure out how to control their tiny little paws, there’s no stopping playtime. That means a lot of pouncing. And while Ant-Man is still figuring out the proper form, he’s definitely got the spirit.

I am perfect enough.

 Prism, Paytrix and Mousie the cats lying on blankets

Everyone agrees that Prism, Paytrix and Mousie are as perfect as cats can be. And you won’t hear them arguing about that. They might need a little help going to the litterbox, but Mousie’s a superb lap cat. Paytrix will take you on adventures. And Prism’s already found true love with her new family.

My charm is legendary, like my modesty.

Belle the cat sitting in a box that says, Belong to a better market

We don’t think Belle can read, but she seemed to know what she was doing when she chose this particular box to sit in.

Find your cat affirmation

Take a note from your favorite feline and land on an affirmation that speaks to you. It’s best when viewed from a phone, but you can also pause the video if watching on a computer.

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Photos by Molly Wald and Sarah Ause Kichas

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