Purrspectives from a feline film director

Film noir goes fluffy, thanks to Twiggy the cat
By Twiggy the cat

Bon jour, je m’appelle Twiggy. And here is my film nouveau, my masterpiece, where I ask what is the meaning of life.

Shall we find it when we are looking out onto the world beyond?

Twiggy the cat sitting on the floor with one paw up

Or is true meaning found gazing into the eyes of another?

Twiggy the cat next to a bed and in front of a covered cat carrier

Mon ami, I once sought meaning in the trappings of glamour and illusion. But now I have cast off the emptiness of superficiality to devote myself to exploring my true purpose through the creation of art and beauty in the practice of my film. Merci.

A few days after the premiere of her film, Twiggy found the ultimate purpose of life when she was adopted into a wonderful new home.

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Photos by Molly Wald