Showing kindness by caring for community cats

Woman wearing a helmet with a tabby community cat in the background
Esther Cannon gives back by caring for community cat colonies, and in return she has earned their trust, gained their friendship and learned a lot about life.
By Nicole Hamilton

Esther Cannon grew up with cats her whole life. Over the past 12 years, she’s cared for many of them, including a group of 23 community that called their outdoor neighborhood home. Esther not only began feeding them and looking after them, but she also humanely trapped, neutered, vaccinated and returned them so they wouldn’t continue to have kittens. “Most people … can’t know me without knowing that I have this passion,” she says.

While Esther is a staunch advocate for community cats, she’ll also tell you that they have enriched her world, too. They’ve taught her about survival and loss, and about life. She’s developed friendships with the cats, and over the years many of them have learned to trust her. And yes, she’s given them all names.

Esther believes that we should all be doing something to make the world a kinder, better place. “I think when you’re helping animals out, you’re just manifesting that, essentially,” she says. “They make me appreciate the little things in life.”

Manifest purrs and happiness

Volunteer with your local shelter to help community cats. You’ll enrich their world and yours, too.

Volunteer with cats

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