Work-life purrspective from a barn cat

Meet Leopold, a barn cat who naps on the job at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
By Leopold the cat

Hey, how ya doin? The name’s Leopold. Not Leo. Not "Hey cat" — Leopold.

(breathes deeply)

The humans, yeah, they call me a working cat. But I keep a legit work nap–balanced lifestyle here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Horse Haven, is my alfresco home office. I have all the space I need to stretch out and supervise. Do I take a nap here and there? Sure.

Leopold the cat sitting on an ATV vehicle in a horse arena

Here’s one of my pals, Sugar Baby. They tell me Sugar Baby is a quarter horse. She looks like a whole horse to me. But … I’m no expert.


Sugar Baby the palomino horse eating grass

So buddy, you ever need advice on this whole working from home thing? Well, you know where to find me — in my office, working hard ...

(clears throat)

most of the time.

Woman's hand petting Leopold the cat's chin

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Photos by Molly Wald