Lizzie Fahling

Lizzie Fahling

Senior Manager of CRM Systems and Analytics

As Best Friends’ senior manager of CRM systems and analytics, Lizzie Fahling ensures that our people have the data, processes and reporting they need to make informed lifesaving decisions. Lizzie lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband, Ben, and two rescued dogs and one wild gremlin. She loves thinking about data and brainstorming ways to solve challenges.

Q: When we started talking about DEI as an organization, what inspired you to say, “I want to do more”?

A: Ensuring that we address our mission in an inclusive and equitable way is the only way that lasting positive change will happen. A defining ethos for me is always being helpful and doing the right thing.

Q: When you think about creating systemic change, how do we do that? How do you see Best Friends really infusing DEI into the work that we do?

A: I think creating systemic change happens in multifaceted ways, but one of the most important factors is knowing you can’t do it alone. To me, this means promoting communities to help themselves, empowering the people on the ground doing the work already, letting go of egos, listening and working holistically. I believe Best Friends has already been working to infuse this into all the work that we do.