Michelle Weaver, Director of Animal Care

Michelle Weaver joined Best Friends in 1997 as a Caregiver in Dogtown and progressed to the Dogtown Manager role in 2004. With her roots in caregiving, she worked to help improve the processes in Dogtown to include training and development opportunities for our staff to develop their skills and abilities.

Michelle led the Dogtown support of Best Friends’ efforts during various rescue activities, including Hurricane Katrina, Pets Alive New York, the Lebanon rescue, and the Sanctuary’s rescue of the 22 Vicktory dogs (from the Michael Vick dogfighting case). She has worked to grow the lifesaving role of the Sanctuary in achieving our mission, while continuing to improve the quality of care for the animals that Best Friends takes in.

In her current role as Director of Animal Care, Michelle is furthering efforts to continuously improve the quality of life for all of the different species of animals at Best Friends, increase adoptions, provide resources to other shelters and rescue groups, and increase community outreach in underserved areas, as well as foster the personal growth and development of animal care staff.

Michelle and her husband, Dustin, share their lives with three dogs, two cats, five horses and a cow.