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Best Friends’ response to Hurricane Idalia

The latest

Here's what we're doing to help the pets and people impacted by Hurricane Idalia.

September 6, 2023: Thank you to Florida Urgent Rescue, Inc. - FUR for transporting 10 dogs and 22 cats as part of relief efforts!

August 31, 2023: We have coordinated a transport through a partner to transport 23 dogs and 60-75 cats/kittens from Jacksonville Humane (which will include dogs from JHS and cats from Humane Society of Sarasota County) on Saturday, September 2.

We have also continued outreach to shelters in Florida, as well as Georgia and the Carolinas to assess needs and have identified some shelters in Georgia and South Carolina that are dealing with flooding. We will continue to support them with any needs they might have.

August 30, 2023: Based on the landfall track of Idalia, it appears it has hit small rural towns and mostly swamp and wildlife management areas. We are still monitoring to see which, if any, shelters may need support. Then, if possible, we will either pull directly from them or work as we did during Hurricane Ian to pull from larger shelters so they can support the at-risk shelters and provide vet care, etc. Here is what we are doing now:

  • Pasco County, Florida is setting up six emergency shelters for animals and we have purchased 40 crates for their operations. We are currently purchasing supplies for other shelters requesting items and have a team of volunteers standing by to be deployed, if needed, to conduct transports.  
  • Surveys were sent to potential receiving partners and a few have said they are available.
  • Depending on the damage to affected shelters, Best Friends may make a few transports Friday/Saturday/Sunday to receiving partners.

August 28, 2023: Hurricane Idalia is looming at Florida's west coast as a Category 3.

In preparation, Best Friends is reaching out to animal shelters within the projected impact area to understand needs. We're also identifying and lining up potential receiving partners to move displaced shelter animals out post-storm!

Visit Best Friends’ Facebook page for updates and to follow our work on the ground. Working with our local partners, we are committed to providing support and safety to the animals in Florida.

 What to do if you’ve been impacted

If you’ve been impacted by the disaster, you should follow your city or state guidelines to remain safe. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.  

Want to help the shelters impacted by the storm? Here are some ways you can help.

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As part of our commitment to keep pets safe, Best Friends’ disaster response team works to save lives during natural disasters and emergencies.

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