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All Dogs Are Individuals

Join us in ending dog breed restrictions!

Muffin getting adopted

Our pets are family, but can you imagine being forced to give up your pet just because of the way your dog looks?

More than 700 communities, across the U.S., have laws that restrict breeds of dogs like Pitbull Terriers, Dobermans, or German Shepherds just because they "look" a certain way. But the science shows that a dog's breed has nothing to do with how the animal behaves.  So restricting the dogs just doesn't work. 

Still, these dogs are banned in many apartments and even entire cities, which means that people are forced to give up their beloved pets.

That's where you come in

Every individual should have the right to own whatever breed of dog he or she chooses. There is no such thing as a dangerous breed of dog.

Working together, we can ensure that every loving pet - no matter the breed - receives a loving home.

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