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Puppy mills

When you buy a puppy from a pet store or on the internet, you’re most likely supporting a puppy mill, which is a “factory farm” for dogs. In puppy mills, dogs live in small, cramped cages, females are bred constantly, and most of the dogs are deprived of love and medical care.

Meanwhile, about 347,000 dogs and cats are killed in shelters every year just because they don’t have safe places to call home. And they’re counting on us to save their lives.

By stopping puppy mill sales and encouraging adoption, together, we’re saving the lives of homeless pets and putting an end to this cruel industry once and for all. We’re creating a kinder country for both pets and the people who love them.

Humane laws help shut down puppy mills

To eliminate puppy mills, Best Friends is working with passionate people like you to:

  • Create and lobby for humane pet sales legislation across the country
  • Educate people about puppy mills
  • Promote adoption rather than purchase of pets
  • Encourage pet stores to offer pets for adoption instead of selling mill-bred pets

Together, we’re making a difference for the animals

In 2020, our puppy mill initiatives team helped to enact 13 local ordinances that ban the retail sale of dogs and cats from breeding mills. That means there are now more than 400 humane pet sales laws in place across the U.S.

Take action to shut down puppy mills

Here are some ways you can help put an end to puppy mills:

Join your local grassroots action team

Join a local team of advocates today and help put an end to puppy mills in your community.

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