Person kneeling to feed cats in grass

Community cats are the most at-risk animals in shelters

Community cats are the stray and free-roaming cats who prefer to live outdoors in our neighborhoods rather than in our homes.

Because they are not used to people and can’t be adopted, they usually don’t leave alive when they are brought to shelters (often by well-intentioned people).

In fact, for every dog killed in a shelter, more than 2.5 cats meet the same fate, and most of them are community cats. Community cat programs are helping to change that.

Community cat programs are saving cats’ lives

Across the country, community cat programs are implementing the trap-neuter-return (TNR) method of lifesaving. Through TNR, cats are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and returned to their outdoor homes.

Targeted TNR is the most humane and effective way to reduce community cat populations while saving cats’ lives and providing public health benefits.

TNR is a huge improvement over the failed trap-and-kill approach that has been used for decades.

Together with you, we’re saving the lives of thousands of cats each year

Best Friends has worked with shelters nationwide to save the lives of cats through TNR programs. These shelters are reducing the number of cats killed in their facilities at 12 times the rate of other shelters. With your help, Best Friends:

  • Works with local and state governments to remove legislation that hampers TNR efforts
  • Gives shelters the resources and tools they need to set up and operate their own successful TNR programs
  • Provides resources to community cat caregivers and other community members to help manage the stray cats in their communities
  • Shares information with people about the importance of TNR

Take action for community cats

Here are some ways you can help save the lives of cats:

Support a local effort to improve lifesaving programs for cats

Join your local grassroots action team

Join a local team of advocates today and help cats in your community.

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