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USA: Help keep pets and families together (NEW)

AK: Protect Alaska's community cats

AL: Alabamians want access to veterinary care

AR: End dog breed restrictions by insurance companies

AR: End dog breed bans in central Arkansas (Fayetteville)

AZ: Help end breed-restrictive insurance practices (NEW)

CA: The people of Fresno (city) care about our community and the cats and dogs living here

FL: Help keep pets and families together (NEW)

IA: End ban on pit bulls in Ottumwa, Iowa

IL: Don't let puppy mills undo progress for Illinois pets! (UPDATED BILL #)

MA: Help keep pets and families together

MA: Support humane pet sales in the Bay State

MD: Repeal the ban in Prince George's County

MO: Help end breed-specific legislation in Missouri (NEW)

NC: Support positive change for the pets and people of Robeson County

NJ: Take action to help New Jersey's cats

NY: Support humane pet sales in the Empire State

TX: End Texas insurance breed restrictions

List last updated January 24, 2022.

Email legislative@bestfriends.org with any questions about these campaigns.