People love their pets and consider them to be part of the family, but currently, there isn’t enough affordable, pet-inclusive housing for renters.

Two-thirds of U.S. households include at least one cat or dog, which makes having a pet-inclusive place to call home essential for most Americans. Even properties that are described as “pet-friendly” often have pet weight limits, dog breed restrictions or high pet fees.  

In 2023, more than 1,000 cats and dogs were killed in America’s shelters every day — just because they didn’t have safe places to call home. So, it’s crucial that we create more pet-inclusive housing nationwide, and you can help. 

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Every pet should have a place to call home

Because of the lack of pet-inclusive housing, families are often forced to choose between securing a place to live and keeping their pets. 

Admissions data from animal shelters shows that housing-related issues are the second most common reason that families surrender their pets to shelters, even ahead of financial reasons. 

Where pets need your help:

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With your help, more pets can stay with their families

Best Friends is working around the country to protect the rights of pets (especially big dogs) and their people so they can stay with their loving families.

We’re giving people the tools they need to help them keep their pets. And we’re spreading the word to housing providers that being pet-friendly has many benefits.

You can help by contacting your local and state representatives to advocate for ending restrictive policies that are harming pets and the people who love them. 

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More than 90% of housing providers and residents agree that pets are an important part of families. That’s why Best Friends is working with people like you nationwide to create more pet-friendly housing. 



Help end breed-restrictive insurance policies

Best Friends is urging state insurance commissions to protect consumers and focus on the behavior of the dog rather than the size or breed.

Challenge breed restrictions in government-subsidized housing 

Some dog breeds are currently restricted in public housing, forcing responsible people with dogs to choose between their beloved pets and stable housing. 

Breed- and size-specific pet restrictions use government funds to force low-income families to either surrender their pets to animal shelters (at a cost to taxpayers) or to choose potentially unsafe and unstable housing. The most vulnerable families should have the most protections, which is why Best Friends works to repeal breed, size and weight restrictions in government-funded housing.  

Need help? Make sure you know your rights as a tenant. Legal assistance is available.

Support the rights of renters and HOA residents 

All eligible people have the right to have a pet. That right extends to those looking for a house or apartment to rent with their pet.

That’s why Best Friends works hard to promote pet-inclusive housing, where both you and your pet are welcome tenants. 

Join your local grassroots action team today and help expand pet-friendly housing options in your community. 

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Need help? Check out our pet-friendly housing guide.  

Read the guide »



Be an effective advocate: promote pet-friendly housing

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together some resources to help you learn more and take action. 

We want to hear your story 

If you’ve struggled to find housing, have been denied housing or insurance, or have been forced to move or surrender your beloved pet because of restrictive pet policies, we want to hear your story.

The elected officials with whom we work to change laws and policies are unaware of the depth of this problem and how harmful these policies are to their constituents. Being able to share real-life stories like yours with decision-makers is the most persuasive tool we have to create positive change for pets and the families who love them.