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Ask Colorado legislators to support pet-inclusive housing via House Bill 23-1068.

CO: Help keep pets and families together

big dog in house

Exciting legislation has been introduced in Colorado. 

The Pet Animal Ownership in Housing bill, introduced by Representative Alex Valdez, aims to remove housing barriers for people with pets — making it easier for families to stay together, and for more pets to be adopted from Colorado shelters.

House Bill 23-1068 currently includes the following:

  • Requires landlords to contact the local animal shelter if they evict a tenant and a pet is left behind. 

  • Requires that those who receive the Colorado Housing Tax Credit for the development of affordable housing allow for pets on the property. 

  • Prohibits insurance companies from using dog breed as a determining factor in homeowners and renters insurance policies.

TAKE ACTION: Ask your Colorado state representative to support HB 23-1068. Send a personalized message now.

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