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Annual Report 2023: Best Friends Animal Society

Together, we're doing something amazing. We’re turning what once seemed like an impossible dream into an achievable one. We’re making no-kill nationwide a reality.

Thanks to you, we’ve gone from zero known no-kill shelters in 1984 to 57% of shelters being no-kill in 2022. Getting that number to 90% and above requires us to roll up our sleeves and clear the way for more dogs and cats to be saved. That’s exactly what you’ve done alongside Best Friends and our shelter partners in fiscal year 2023.

In every aspect of our work, in every forward step we take for homeless pets, you’ve been there with compassion, generosity, and dedication. We’re grateful you’re on this journey with us, forging ahead toward a better future for the animals we all love. Thank you.

“Together, we’re turning what once seemed impossible into a reality — achieving no-kill nationwide in 2025.”

Julie Castle, CEO, Best Friends Animal Society 

The impact we made together in 2023

You’ve saved lives, helped shelters, and rallied supporters for the animals.

Clearing the path in 2023 meant removing barriers to adoption and finding ways to get more animals out of shelters and into loving homes. It also meant finding ways to keep pets who already have homes with their families, so they don't enter shelters in the first place.

Angel Canyon at Best Friends Animal Society

Part 1: Saving lives at our sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the heart and soul of Best Friends, and thanks to you it's a home-between-homes for thousands of animals each year.
Person holding a cat at the Best Friends Pet Resource Center in Northwest Arkansas

Part 2: Saving lives around the country

To fulfill our commitment to reach no-kill nationwide in 2025, Best Friends runs lifesaving centers and programs around the United States.
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Part 3: Helping shelters

When you support Best Friends, you back shelters and rescue groups all around the country.
Person holding a tiny kitten in their arms

Part 4: Rallying supporters

Advocacy is a key part of our work to reach no-kill in every community nationwide in 2025. Best Friends is working with lawmakers across the country on the pressing issues facing our nation's pets.

Because of you, in 2023:


Animals were welcomed across all Best Friends programs. Because of you, they’re enjoying the second chances they deserve.

Silhouettes of a cat and dog together


Best Friends animals plus 576 partner animals found homes, thanks to you. Now, they’re hogging beds and begging for treats.

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Pets were spayed or neutered with your support. This saves lives by stemming the flow of puppies and kittens entering shelters.

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Francis Battista

Thank you!

A message of thanks from Best Friends Animal Society co-founder Francis Battista


October 1, 2022–September 30, 2023

2023 Expenses

$295,556,577 (88.4%)
$26,314,441 (7.9%)
Management and General           
$12,426,754 (3.7%)

2023 Revenue

Donations From Individuals           
$148,484,517 (41.1%)
In-Kind Donations           
$190,459,713 (52.7%)
Corporate and Foundation           
$16,842,273 (4.7%)
Other $5,547,397 (1.5%)