Erin Olsen

Erin OlsenNKLA Pet Adoption Center Manager​

Erin Olsen is the NKLA Pet Adoption Center Manager. She oversees the operations of the high-volume adoption center’s animal care and adoption processes, as well as relations with the multiple NKLA Coalition partner rescue groups who place animals for adoption at the facility.

Before stepping into that managerial role, Erin served as the original lead shelter outreach coordinator, a position that Best Friends created to work directly out of a Los Angeles Animal Services shelter. Erin’s work as coordinator was geared toward increasing positive outcomes at the shelter level through exemplary client service.

Erin has worked in client service and high-volume adoption roles since she started as a volunteer for No More Homeless Pets in Utah (now Best Friends in Utah) in 2010. In almost seven years with the organization, Erin has served in several capacities. She was an adoption and foster coordinator, overseeing the adoption of hundreds of animals from multiple Utah shelters and facilitating weekly mobile adoption events around Salt Lake County. Erin also helped open and run two adoption centers in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her role as a pet adoption center specialist allowed Erin to build valuable working relationships with local municipal shelter partners. She often managed the animal assessment, transport, promotion and entire adoption process for the shelter animals who are featured at the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Salt Lake City.

In her move to Los Angeles, Erin’s focus has become empowering staff, volunteers, the NKLA Coalition and the community to directly help the animals in their current shelter or adoption center environments. Working together, Los Angeles Animal Services, the NKLA Coalition and Best Friends are saving more lives in L.A. city shelters and the community every day.