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Ask your legislators to support bills H. 1038 and H. 1037/S. 595.

MA: End breed discrimination in housing and insurance markets

Smiling family hugging a big brown dog

The Massachusetts state legislature is considering bills that would end breed discrimination in the insurance marketplace and prohibit nearly all breed, size and weight restrictions in the housing market.

If enacted, this legislation will cement the state's reputation as a leader in animal welfare, saving thousands of dogs and keeping families together.

Companion bills H. 1037 and S. 595 prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against responsible pet owners.

Currently, insurance companies can decline coverage based on a potential customer's breed of dog - regardless of that dog's individual behavior, personality, or even registration as a therapy animal.

At the same time, housing continues to be out of reach for many and the problem is exacerbated if you own a large dog. H. 1038 will remove the arbitrary breed, size and weight restrictions that so often serve as a barrier to finding affordable and accessible housing.

TAKE ACTION: Urge your representatives to support H. 1038 and H. 1037/S. 595.

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