St. Clair the black and white cat in a bed with another cat behind her on a green wooden shelf

Timid tuxedo cat finally opens up

January 28, 2021

St. Clair, the shy cat, spent most of her time hiding until she met Alesha Davidson and got comfortable enough to hop up on the bed during a sleepover

Raisin the cat eating at a special elevated food station for his megaesophagus

Solving a kitten’s mystery illness

January 21, 2021

Raisin had trouble keeping food down, but when vets figured out that he had megaesophagus, some medicine and mealtime adjustments saved his life

Woman releasing a community cat from a box as part of TNR

Complexity saved the cat

January 18, 2021

We need to save more cats to get to no-kill nationwide, but how we make that happen is anything but simple

Smiling gray pit bull terrier type dog

Book review: ‘Poppy the street dog’

January 8, 2021

How one woman put her love for animals into action and, with the help of a wise and gentle dog, created a community of caring for homeless individuals and their canines

Everest the tortoiseshell cat lying in a triangle shaped cardboard scratcher

Wallflower cat finally blooms

January 7, 2021

Everest came across as shy because she didn’t want to compete with her roommates for attention, but now that she has her own room, she’s coming out of her shell

Scout the dog giving a kiss to the woman holding the camera for a selfie with another man and scenic background

Sad dog smiles as adventure buddy

January 6, 2021

When Tess and Jakob Johnson met Scout, she was shy and shut down, but they could tell right away that she was the dog they had been looking for