6 happy pet adoption updates

Black and white dog lying on a blue chair with a blue fuzzy blanket over him
These dogs and cats are living the good life in their new homes.
By Best Friends staff

No matter how big or small, young or old, it’s a magical moment when homeless pets have new families to love them. The wagging tails, rumbling purrs, and smiling faces are all the proof we need of that. From coast to coast, Best Friends Animal Society helps thousands of pets find new homes each year, and every adoption is a cause for celebration (and maybe a few happy tears).

That joy is worth sharing, so here are just a few of the dogs and cats who have recently settled into their new lives with their new favorite people.

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Olive was recently adopted into a large family, and she takes her new “big sister” responsibilities with these triplets seriously. She certainly has her paws full, but she is thriving in her new role. Her adopters say:

“She has really snuggled right into all of our hearts. She’s amazing with our kids, loves our other dogs, and is working on being calm around the cat. She loves hiking with us and playing with new doggie friends.”


When supersized senior Felix arrived at the Sanctuary, we knew he wouldn’t be around for long; he was simply too charming to resist. And now this fine fellow has his new family’s hearts overflowing with puppy love:

“We absolutely love Felix! I believe the feeling is mutual, for Felix has fit right into our family. Felix sits, stays (most of the time), and lies down when politely asked. He is also brilliantly calm on a leash, loves brushing, and lets me clean his ears. All these traits are so unlike our last two Pyrenees mixes. We are full of joy to have Pyrenees love and presence back on the premises — and especially Felix. Wanted to thank you for giving us this loving, gentle giant soul of a dog.”


It took longer than usual to match Bee with a new home. She has problems with the functioning of her hind end due to Manx syndrome, a side effect from the genes that cause short, or “bobbed,” tails in cats. On top of that, she has asthma. But none of that bothered her adopter, Jaymie. All she saw was a snuggly-sweet cat who needed a home and a little extra help. She loves Bee just the way she is — and Bee totally adores her new person.


Mimi arrived at Best Friends in New York as part of a group of very shy Chihuahuas. She trembled and hid from just about everything, too scared to really settle down and come out of her shell. But then she was adopted. Now, she follows her people around their apartment, snuggles in bed with them, enjoys being petted, and is beginning to play with toys. She reminds us that time, patience, and love make a world of difference in pets’ lives. Congratulations to you, sweet Mimi.


Talk about the perfect deal for a pup who just wants to spend all her time with her favorite people; Ellyrose really hit the jackpot when she was adopted. She gets to spend her days escorting her new person all around the neighborhood and following along for relaxing evenings of golf. Here’s what he had to say:

“Absolutely love this dog! Ellyrose is settling right into the Sun City retirement lifestyle. She loves riding on the golf cart and saying hi to everyone.”


Gillian grew up fostering animals with her family. And in all that time, she managed to send each and every one on to their new families with a smile. There were never any “foster fails” she couldn’t bear to say goodbye to — until recently. There was just something about Hagrid that made him irresistible, and Gillian knew he was going to be sticking with her. Now his big, silly self is home with Gillian for good, and that’s what we like to call a foster win.

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