Happy tails from adopted pets

Otis the dog with the couple who adopted him
These pets recently adopted from Best Friends are living (and loving) large.
By Best Friends staff

No matter how big or small, young or old, it’s a magical moment when homeless pets find new families to love them. The wagging tails, rumbling purrs and smiling faces are all the proof we need of that. From coast to coast, Best Friends helps thousands of pets find new homes each year, and every adoption is a cause for celebration (and maybe a few happy tears).

We want to share some of that joy with you, so here are a few of the dogs and cats who have recently settled into their new lives with their new favorite people.


Our adoption has been the perfect match. Chester gets along with our dogs and loves to play with them. He is the snuggliest kitty ever and he loves to hang out on our shoulders and give kisses. We are so happy we brought him home.

Zoe (formerly known as Slinky)

Zoe has come a long way since she was rescued along with 17 other beagles from an abandoned home. In just a few days, Zoe started coming out of her shell and now she’s enjoying the finer things in life, like Puppuccinos. Her adopter says: “She’s now a silly little beagle that fits right in with my other two. I have loved watching her become a carefree, happy dog and realize she has a forever home.”


You might recognize this face from the March/April 2015 cover of Best Friends magazine. Otis’s person lovingly cared for him for seven years, but then became too ill to continue. Luckily, it didn’t take long for Otis to find a new home where he will be doted upon for the rest of his life.


We adopted Jovi in 2012 while my daughter and I volunteered for a few days in Kanab. It took a little arm-twisting to convince my husband that we needed a fourth dog, but finally he succumbed and Jovi was put on a plane to New Jersey. In no time, she fit right in with her three sisters. She is 10 years old now and I couldn’t ask for a more loyal, loving dog. She loves her long walks and hanging out in the fresh air on our porch with us. She is truly a beautiful soul and we couldn’t love her more.


When Zoey landed in a foster home and then got adopted, she didn’t have to go far. That’s because it was her foster family who became her permanent family. We love a foster win!

Romeo and Hollywood

Two is better than one and that’s especially true when it comes to adopting kittens. Alyssa adopted Romeo and Hollywood, and while that may come with double the mischief, it also comes with double the love.


When Marshmallow was adopted into her new home, she found a new kind of friend — a bunny. Her new buddy, appropriately named Buddy, seems just as interested in having a new pal as Marshmallow is.

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