Happy tails from adopted pets

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These pets recently adopted from Best Friends are living (and loving) large.
By Best Friends staff

No matter how big or small, young or old, it’s a magical moment when homeless pets find new families to love them. The wagging tails, rumbling purrs and smiling faces are all the proof we need of that. From coast to coast, Best Friends helps thousands of pets find new homes each year, and every adoption is a cause for celebration (and maybe a few happy tears).

We want to share some of that joy with you, so here are a few of the dogs and cats who have recently settled into their new lives with their new favorite people.


My husband drove back to the Sanctuary three days after our return to Los Angeles, in order to fetch Beauty. We had a rougher start than we hoped for, and we reached out to Best Friends in L.A. with some questions. They have been wonderful and supported us by leading us to the on-site behavior training classes. Beauty has been growing with our family, finding her footing and going to classes weekly. She has been a lively addition to our home and neighborhood. We are proud of her progress.

Rusty (FKA Deryn)

Rusty is an older gentleman who just needed a soft place to land after bouncing around between homes and shelters. We’re happy to report that he’s now in a great new home. His adopter says, “My heart is so full. I’m glad we get to share a few years with Rusty, and give him comfort and love during his golden years.”


Mila’s exuberant puppy energy was often too much for people to handle, causing potential adopters to say “no, thank you” when they met her. But then Kevin and Christine said “yes” and now they’re one happy family.

Rosie and Sophie

We are so happy with Rosie and Sophie. They are both lap potatoes and big talkers, and we think Rosie may learn to speak English eventually, as she definitely meows sentences to us. We are so glad that we could adopt two kittens at the same time. They entertain each other, and us too. 

Kiwi (FKA Barbara)

A stick! A really big stick! Kiwi thinks that adopted life is the best. So many walks! So many sticks! Her adopter says, “Everyone who’s met her is in love with her. We go on a couple walks every day, which she loves, and we have a little dog park near us where she plays with other puppies. She’s the goofiest when she’s playing and a cuddle bug when she’s sleepy.”

Ellie Williams

When Colleen’s senior cat passed away, both she and her dog were heartbroken. So, Colleen adopted Ellie Williams, mending three hearts in one day: her own, her dog’s and Ellie’s.

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