10 videos for National Kitten Day

Celebrate national kitten day with videos filled with purring, kitten toe beans, pouncing and snuggling.
By Kelli Harmon

National Kitten Day is July 10, and what better way to celebrate than with a bunch of adorable kitten videos? Well, spending time with actual kittens might be better, but we can help with that too. (Hint: Scroll to the end.)

Each year, Best Friends helps countless kittens across the country through adoption, rescue efforts, fostering and medical services, and that means that we get to meet a whole lot of adorable little furry faces. So, we’re featuring a few of our favorite videos of them. Some are silly, some are cute. But they’re all a reminder that kittens really do make life more fun.

20 seconds of calm (with kittens)

Start the day with a relaxing 20-second meditation of calming music, plus kittens and everything else will be a little bit better. Really, every day should start this way.

Kittens: the reunion

“The one where kittens go into foster homes.” Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross (the kittens) are together again in the apartment millions came to know and love on the small screen.

Paralyzed kitten loves to play

Waffle Love was born paralyzed, but he doesn’t know what that word means. He loves to play, make new friends and show off his feisty personality — never letting anything hold him back. And guess what? Since his video was made, Waffle Love has been adopted.

Cute TikTok kittens to make your day

It’s pretty simple — just two minutes of kittens on TikTok. This is what happens when you foster kittens. There are endless things to record.

Found kittens outside? Here’s what to do

Yes, kittens are fun and cute, but they also end up in shelters at an alarming rate. Here’s what to do if you find kittens.

Zoom call with kittens

Tuna and Fuji join a zoom call with a FURst Impressions consultant to help them purrfect their introduction with a potential foster or adopter.

Baby meets a kitten his age, cuteness ensues

When baby Ollie goes to the baby mat, so does Bruce the cat. Together, under the close supervision of their mom, Alex, they are figuring out how to play together. Ollie is seven months old and Bruce is just a month older. And while Bruce is growing up much faster than his favorite little human, the two just get each other.

97 kittens, an RV and one lifesaving mission

Perhaps the only thing better than an RV filled with nearly 100 kittens, is knowing how they got on the RV in the first place. This wasn’t a joyride. It was a ride to save their lives.

Artful kitten foster family

Namitha had always wanted to foster kittens, so when Best Friends in Utah needed help she jumped at the opportunity. Now she and her husband create keepsakes for each foster pet staying with them.

Kindergarten students help three-legged kitten get adopted

Kelly’s roommate wasn’t on board with the idea of adopting Rapunzel, a little three-legged kitten her friends were fostering. So Kelly called in reinforcements — her kindergarten students. They wrote letters to Kelly’s roommate to convince her, and it worked. Really, who could say no to them?

Be a hero for homeless kittens

Shelters and rescue groups take in thousands of kittens every summer and they need help from foster homes. Save lives, have fun and maybe fall in love.

Foster kittens near you

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Photo by Lori Fusaro