18 weird, wacky and wonderful cats to make sure you're ‘feline fine’ on National Cat Day

National Cat Day is Oct. 29. Celebrate with some cute, funny and wacky photos of felines, including yoga cats!
By Christelle L. Del Prete

October 29 is National Cat Day. It’s a holiday with a heart, since it’s meant to raise awareness and to encourage the adoption of homeless cats. It also gives cat lovers a great reason to celebrate their own cats and do something extra special for them. And, hey, if you don’t have a cat, now might be the perfect time to go out and adopt one.

To honor National Cat Day — more specifically, to honor cats and all their weird, wacky and wonderful ways — we’re giving you six reasons to celebrate the felines in your life today and every day.

1. Hiding and spying cats

Cats are masters of stealth, but they’re also pretty shameless about spying on us humans. These cats, Ruby, Brownie and Maurice have found the perfect cover from which to observe us, although Maurice might have to turn around — somehow.

Ruby the cat peeking out from the opening of a blue dome-shaped cat bed

A black and white cat hiding in a wooden box on a shelf, peeking out from a bat cutout

Tabby cat's hind end and tail sticking out from hiding between a desk and a file cabinet

2. Funny-faced cats

Whether you’ve caught them mid-yawn, mid-meow or in the middle of rehearsing a dramatic movie scene, cats sure can make some crazy faces. Hermes, Jim and Pixie show us how it’s done.

Medium hair orange tabby cat yawning and lying on a lavender towel

Gray and white cat lying down with mouth open and paws crossed

Flamepoint Siamese cat with blue eyes, freckles on his nose and mouth open in a wicker basket

3. Raspberry cats

Since National Cat Day happens to fall on a Tuesday this year, why not also celebrate tongue-out Tuesday? We have a few cats who were more than happy to give us a raspberry, including Nicky, Abraham and Kayla.

Brown tabby cat with little pink tongue sticking out

Selfie taken with Siamese mix cat who is licking his lips

4. Leaping cats

A leaping cat can be one of the most graceful things you’ve ever seen — or not. It’s usually a question of how they land. But here, we’ve caught Ken, Kelly and Catina in midair.

Ken the orange and white cat jumping up to catch a wand toy

Kelly the black and white cat jumping up to catch a wand toy

Catina the cat jumping up to catch a wand toy

5. Yoga-pose cats

Forget about downward dog or upward dog. Miranda, Thunderstruck and Solarflare have some pretty sweet yoga poses of their own, because sometimes even the most flexible feline needs a little adjustment.

Raspberry the Siamese cat sitting in what looks to be a yoga pose

Brown tabby cat sitting in a twisted position on a blue plastic tub covered in a blanket

Solarflare the orange and white tabby cat sitting with hind legs splayed out and ears back

6. Cats who just like to hang out

Then there are the cats who just like to hang or lounge around, and they seem to have a knack for getting comfortable just about anywhere — just like Tomoe, Ebenezer and Carly.

Tortoiseshell cat sitting in a stainless steel bucket hanging on the wire wall of an outdoor enclosure at Cat World

Black cat lying on top of a wooden box attached to the wall

Black cat draped over the shoulder of male caregiver

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Photos by Molly Wald, Kurt Budde, Susan Michaud, Ali Route, Leslie Cobb, Jenn Corsun, Britni McCarroll, Wendy Gallant, Sarah Thornton and Felicia Fullerton

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