7 reasons to hug your cat today

See pictures of why you should snuggle your kitty to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day on June 4.
By Best Friends staff

We know cat lovers don’t need reasons to give Fluffy some love, but since June 4 is “Hug Your Cat Day,” we put together some of our favorite reasons to give them a squeeze.

Man cradling a cat in his arms
1. Because that outfit would look great with cat fur


Litter of kittens being held
2. Because he's giving you those eyes again


Litter of three brown tabby kittens
3. Because it's been 15 minutes since the last hug


Christina giving Cookie the cat a hug
4. Because you know she loves you, too


Reina the calico cat in a bed
5. Because you're brave, and you're not afraid of a little scratch


Taco the fluffy gray cat
6. Because she's so much softer than your pet iguana


Woman holding a black cat
7. Because you know you're lucky to have each other

If you don't have your own cat to hug? Go adopt one!

Photos by Best Friends staff