8 adoptable big dogs destined to be influencers

Sansa the dog outside while it's snowing
Instagram is the spot for charming characters, exciting adventures and good-time goofs, and these big dogs will fit right in.
By Sarah Thornton

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on social media it’s worth at least as many likes ― especially if there’s a cute animal involved. People share their travels, hobbies and other life snapshots with their Instagram friends and followers. And, naturally, pets have been doing the same (with a little help from their human friends, of course).

Well, these big dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary want in, and they’ve got an important message to bring with them. Across the country, big dogs are more at risk in shelters. They are more likely to be overlooked by adopters, and they are harder to place into foster homes because of misconceptions and misunderstandings based solely on size. But all dogs are individuals, and this month we’re celebrating them for who they are ― which, in this case, means influencers in the making.


Norberta is into fun, spontaneous glamour shots. She knows her angles and how to play to the camera. But she doesn’t take it too seriously because, after all, life is about having fun.

Her posts would be full of cheerful, inspiring messages: Don’t let the world get you down. Enjoy the little things. Lick your best friend right on the face.


For slice-of-life content and treat reviews, Knotts would be the dog to follow. Of course, every treat would score better than 10 out of 10, but you’d really be there for the easygoing humor and the way he makes sure everyone feels like a friend.

Our score: 10,000 smiles /10.


Felix’s Instagram would be the one you’d visit for your daily dose of cute. He’s the kind of soft senior fellow who’d fill his posts with the things that make his tail wag in the hope of doing the same for you.

Of course, nothing makes him happier than his friends, so look forward to lots of group shots.


He’d probably need a little extra encouragement from his friends to get going, but Carl’s account would be simple and sweet, and also full of mud. “Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty,” is his motto, and it’s one he lives by.

Hey, you never know. One of these days he might find buried treasure or, at least, a long-lost toy.


Skitter’s account would be full of snapshots from his road trips and adventures, with plenty of clips of him howling along to the radio with his big ole ears flapping in the wind.

Every little interesting thing he finds to sniff along the way would get its own post, too ― each one just as exciting as the last. Biggest ball of twine: amazing. Cool stick on the side of the trail: phenomenal. Skitter’s enthusiasm makes everything a big deal, and it’s pretty contagious.


Archo’s Instagram would be all about pool life. He’s a super swimmer, and he’s never far from a body of water and always read to dive right in.

His account might slow down around winter when it’s too chilly to go for a dip. But that’s when he starts posting about his other athletic pursuits, such as agility.


Well-curated, artistic professional images are what you could expect from Sansa’s Instagram account. She’s the aspiring model, building her online presence and taking it seriously.

She would also have a second account (just as popular as the first) for silly behind-the-scenes stuff where she’s goofing off with her crew.


Calais lives his life in the moment and spends a lot of time just relaxing and snuggling with his favorite people. So, updates might be few and far between. But when he’s out on a hike and taking in all the sights and smells, sometimes inspiration strikes. Expect little bits of natural beauty, plus wise words to go with them.

Honestly, we think all the dogs here at the Sanctuary are superstars. This was just a small sample of our charming canine companions. So, who would you like to follow on Instagram?

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