9 dogs who can’t stop smiling – because they’ve been adopted!

Pictures of smiling dogs who have been adopted from Best Friends and are going on to live happy, joyous, fun-filled lives.
By Best Friends staff

These are some of our favorite photos of dogs adopted from our recent super adoption events in Salt Lake CityLos Angeles and New York City. This just goes to show you: there are fantastic dogs available for adoption wherever you are.

It’s no surprise these pups are wearing such wide grins. Being adopted is a pretty good reason to smile!

Alfie adoption
1. Alfie


Bix adoption
2. Bix


Champ adoption
3. Champ

Chelsea adoption
4. Chelsea

Coyote adoption
5. Coyote

Lily adoption
6. Lily

Merlin adoption
7. Merlin

Rex adoption
8. Rex


Sandy adoption
9. Sandy

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Photos by Best Friends staff

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