Abandoned lovebird rescued from streets of Las Vegas

Lovebird with splayed legs who was abandoned in Las Vegas is rescued and is now receiving the medical treatment she needs.
By David Dickson

Beating the odds in Vegas usually means one thing: a take-home souvenir in the form of a great big pile of cash! But for a particular baby lovebird abandoned in Las Vegas, poker chips and blackjack were the farthest thing from her mind. Mere survival was the best she could hope for. After all, it’s kind of hard to find your next meal in the great wide world if you can’t even stand up. Lucky for Sprout, her luck was about to take a turn for the better.

Abandoned lovebird on the streets of Vegas

Rescued love bird

Sprout the lovebird was found abandoned on the streets of Vegas. Not only was she too young to take care of herself, she also has a physical handicap that would set back even an older bird. Her legs were splayed out to the sides so badly she couldn’t stand on her own. Such a problem usually results from being kept in conditions either too hot or too cold as a baby. Safe to say she had a tough start in life.

Medical treatment for splayed leg condition

The folks who found Sprout called Best Friends, and it turned out space was available. But here’s where her new lucky streak truly panned out. At only six months old, Sprout still has a good chance at recovering from her current leg condition with the proper treatment. Because when it comes to creative and special needs care, Best Friends is the perfect place to land. Her caregivers and medical team have all sorts of ideas for how to help Sprout find her stride again.

For starters, Sprout will wear a custom-fit sweater with a hoop on the top. This hoop will in turn connect to a custom-built walker. This way she will be able to stand on her own as well as move around when she gets stronger. In time, and with course adjustments along the way, Sprout could make a complete recovery.

TLC for bird to help the healing

Bird with bandaged feet

This little bird may have a long road to getting better, but one thing is for certain: she’s not going to go that road alone. She’ll never have to feel lonely either. The caregivers at the Parrot Garden carry her around every chance they can. If love and attention count for anything in the healing process — and they always do — Sprout has the best odds any bird could ask for.

In fact, she’s going into our Guardian Angel program where all that love and support can keep coming her way from friends and fans around the world. Be sure to check her page for regular updates. With all the folks lining up to lend a helping hand, she has nowhere to go but up.

All things considered, Sprout hit a jackpot better than any roulette table could ever promise. Welcome!

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Photos by Sarah Ause