Adopted Christmas kitten

Couple adopts black and white tuxedo Christmas kitten, who brings joy and love to their family for the holidays.
By Denise LeBeau

Mika was too tiny to be placed for adoption when he entered Animal Care & Control of NYC. The one-month-old, black-and-white tuxedo kitten was quickly taken in by Best Friends–New York to give him time to grow up enough to go into a home. Then at 10 weeks old, Mika’s life took a turn toward the stars when he went to the Best Friends pet super adoption event at the Brooklyn Expo Center. On opening day, December 12, the sassy kitten turned on the charm at just the right moment.

'Perfectly adorable and sweet' kitten

Carmela Spotorno and her fiancé, David, just happened to be driving around the busy Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint, when they noticed a lot of animal crates being carried into the Brooklyn Expo Center. They quickly pulled over to see what was going on. When they heard that a pet mega-adoption event would soon be open, they decided to return to make a donation, and maybe give a few belly rubs to homeless pets.

David is a dog lover, so when they returned they went over to the dog area and looked at lots of canines. Then David suggested they go see some cats and kittens, since Carmela is a real cat lover. As they made their way around the kittens, one kitten attracted their attention.

“I put my hand next to the kennel door and Mika immediately grabbed my hand to pull it closer,” says Carmela. “He was just perfectly adorable and sweet.”

Adopting the black-and-white kitten

Carmela and David snuggling with their adopted Christmas kittenAs Carmela and David lingered next to Mika’s kennel, it was undeniable to both of them that there was a spark. Since they couldn’t leave without him, the tiny kitten became the first cat adopted at the event. When Carmela and David got home, they realized the kitten was the perfect addition they didn’t know they needed.

“We’ve had a challenging year. I had medical issues and David underwent surgery for an injury he incurred when he was rescuing a bystander who had fallen onto the subway tracks,” says Carmela. “We named our new kitten Julian, after David’s grandmother, Julia. The two of them have been inseparable.”

Carmela says that for all her many years of loving cats, this is only her second kitten. She always wanted to give adult cats a home, since they have a harder time getting adopted. But she couldn’t be happier with her decision about Julian, aka Jules.

The Christmas kitten

“Jules couldn’t be a better companion. He loves attention and to be involved,” says Carmela. Jules follows David from room to room, just like a puppy. When David sits down to relax, that’s Jules’ cue to jump up on his chest. They spend many hours cuddling and it makes Carmela smile thinking about it. As soon as the lights go out, Jules makes his way to his spot on the bed, sandwiched between the two.

When Carmela comes home, Jules greets her by licking her nose. She just adores him. “He’s star of the show,” Carmela says. “I can’t believe how wonderful it is to have Jules in our home. It’s that special bond you have with animals. Everything falls into place. If you have a bad day at work, when you open the door to their special greeting, it’s like every day is Christmas.”

“We are thrilled Mika found his perfect forever family in time for the holidays,” says Kristan McCormick, Best Friends–New York foster and adoption coordinator. “The super adoption event is a testament to teamwork and we couldn’t be happier for the almost 260 animals who found homes.”

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Photos by Kristan McCormick and Carmela Spotorno