Animal intern shares her experience

By completing an internship with Best Friends, Amanda Cavazos learns all about animal welfare, including fundraising, humane education, spaying and neutering, animal adoptions and more.
By Best Friends staff

Amanda Cavazos plans to get a master’s degree in animals and public policy, but first she came to Best Friends to get a little taste of "the real world" of animal welfare. What has surprised her the most since becoming an intern here? "How much more there is to this than just taking care of animals."

Intern gets feel for animal welfare

She’s got that right! Amanda said she’s been amazed by how many other kinds of tasks it takes to keep a place like this running. Let’s see, there’s raising funds, humane education, spaying and neutering, taking animals on mobile adoptions, answering phones, and resolving animal crises from long distance (to name just a few). In working with one of Best Friends’ photographers, Clay Myers, Amanda said she learned that even taking really good photos of animals has a huge impact on the success of a place like this.

Six-week internship

Amanda came from Galveston, Texas, for a six-week internship at the sanctuary. She has a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries, and hopes to go to Tufts University for her master’s degree. When she finishes, she’d like to work in animal welfare. Sounds like she’ll be plenty prepared! And we hope Best Friends has been helpful in providing some memorable hands-on experience.

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