Awkward moments with pets

Smile-worthy moments with pets on National Awkward Moments Day
By Best Friends staff

What better way to celebrate National Awkward Moments Day than with our pets? We've all been there ― that awkward moment when we take a photo and, surprise, something else happens. Here, Best Friends staff members share their favorite moments from their camera rolls.

Awkward kiss

Small brown dog kissing a person on the mouth

Say "Cheese!" Minnie. Oops, we mean say "Kisses!”

Awkward stretches (or awkward positions)

Collage of two pics, one of dog stretched out on a couch and one a cat sitting on an office chair

Working hard or hardly working? Bauer and Taz know when to take time out for ... yoga?

Awkward family photo

Side-by-side outtake photos of family photos that are attempting to get two children and a dog

How it started vs. how it ended with Bauer the adopted dog. Family photos are hard, but a loving home is the best.

Awkward smile

Horse making a funny face because a person is scratching just the right spot

Who doesn’t love getting scratches in that perfect spot? We’re smiling, too, because Bergie was recently adopted.

Awkward conversation

Masked person brushing a dog's teeth

That moment when the dentist asks if you brush every day. Bae, recently adopted from Abilene Animal Services, is a shelter ambassador to help promote animal adoption in his Texas community.

Awkward moment

Our list wouldn’t be complete without an adoptable pet. Val is a charming cat at the Sanctuary, who is ready for Tongue Out Tuesday. He’s also available for adoption (hint, hint).

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Photos by Jennifer Hayes, Lori Cribbet, Mallory Kerley, Jakie Hernandez and Molly Wald