Benji the dog supports homeless pets

Movie star Benji the dog supports No More Homeless Pets in Utah fundraising and pet adoption events.
By Best Friends staff

It could be that she remembered her roots, or simply that she's used to loads of attention. After all, Benji is a movie star. But all the fame in the world couldn't keep her from turning out to support her brethren during No More Homeless Pets in Utah's Save A Stray Soiree and Super Adoption.

Benji, a former shelter dog

The screen star (whose superb acting skills allow her to play a male dog on film) started her life much like the animals she came to support. She was found in a shelter cage in Gulfport, Mississippi before being discovered by film director and animal trainer Joe Camp and his wife Kathleen. That fortuitous meeting turned Benji into a canine star and landed her leading roles.

Save A Stray Soiree

The Soiree was held at the Hotel Monaco, and the elegant event saw an amusing mix of those decked out in their finest finery and others who chose a more laid back look and a four legged friend as their accessory of choice.

Guests participated in a silent and live auction, with one item–a portrait of the buyer to be painted by Peter Max–selling for $20,000. Overall, $46,000 was raised for the no more homeless pets cause.

Pet adoption event

The Save A Stray Soiree kicked off a two-day Super Adoption where 270 animals from across the state found new homes. Benji happily worked the event, posing for photos and supporting her canine buddies.

Supporting shelter pets and spay/neuter

For Benji and the Camps, this wasn't a publicity stop, but an act of love. The trio are firm believers in saving shelter animals and the importance of spay and neuter campaigns. For them, the trip to Utah was their contribution to help to save the animals. Benji went from a cement floor to a plush carpet, from a dog pound to a movie screen. While none of the 270 animals who found homes will probably make it to Hollywood, their dreams have come true with all of their nice new families. And we have no doubt that every single one will be a star always on center stage in their happy new homes.

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