Big dog lands a home, meets his mini me

Bear the dog and his "mini me" canine brother in his new home on a couch together
When Michaela met a snuggle enthusiast named Bear, she looked beyond his size, saw his sweetness, and adopted him.
By Nicole Hamilton

Soon after coming to Best Friends in Los Angeles, Bear went to stay in a foster home where he proved to be an epic snuggler who would not take “no” for an answer. Personal space, the foster volunteer noted, seemed to be a nonexistent concept to him — but in the best way. He also loved to play but knew how to relax, too. And he was always up for a game of fetch (although he never ended up bringing back the ball).

After Bear came back to the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center, he showed staff and volunteers that he’s a huge fan of belly rubs. (“No” was not an option in these instances either.) He got along easily with other dogs and even went on outings with volunteers. Judging by his nonstop tail wags, he loved every minute of the excursions.

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You’d think that a fun-loving, easygoing dog like Bear would be adopted quickly, but his size could be intimidating to potential adopters. He’s far from alone though, because big dogs are often at-risk in shelters.

That’s why Bear was in a group of several other animals who came to Best Friends, where they could have all the support and time needed to get adopted. It’s all part of Best Friends’ goal for all shelters to reach no-kill by 2025.

Bear gets his day in the sun

What began as a typical day for Bear became extraordinary as soon as Michaela walked through the doors of the pet adoption center. She’d been looking for a canine companion, and when she met Bear and saw how much fun he was having running around the play yard, she had a good feeling he was a match.

Michaela went home to think things over. The next day, she returned to Best Friends and adopted him, making room for more big dogs to have their own extraordinary day.

Now Bear is busy making friends in his new neighborhood and has become best friends with his canine housemate, who is definitely his “mini me.”

“He's a giant lover and cuddler,” says Michaela. “He's been one of the biggest joys of our lives, and we're so excited for the future.”

Bear the gray and white dog sitting on a cushion with a white background
Photo courtesy of Bear's family

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