Black Lab is a lover and a sweetie

Black Lab mix rescued from a hoarding situation in California sure learned how to love. She is a total sweetheart and a lover. Her name is Sweetie.
By David Dickson

"Which one’s Sweetie?" This is a question that you should never really have to ask. At least, not if you’re paying a visit to Sweetie, the black Lab mix. Many dogs reflect their names. There are regal-looking Dukes, copper-colored Coppers, miniature — or gigantic — Tinys. But to find a more appropriate name for this girl? It’d have to be something like … Sugarcane? She’s the nicest, gentlest (and yes, sweetest) girl around. Sweetie looks up at visitors with these soulful eyes that make people want to spill their deepest secrets to her over a Milk-Bone or two. Instant trust.

Black Lab mix from hoarding situation

Sweetie came to Best Friends recently from rather cramped quarters. She’d been living in a single home with 30 other dogs in southern California. Two elderly people were looking after the dogs all on their own. That’s a lot of work for one couple. When the dad passed away, though, things only got worse. There’s simply not enough time in the day for one person to care for that many animals. Most of the dogs had to find new homes, and Sweetie came to Best Friends with three others.

A dog who knows how to love

Whatever else might have happened in her crowded home, Sweetie learned how to love. She treats all newcomers like royalty. Walk into her play area and Sweetie strolls over to swap kisses and life stories. She’s still getting used to the concept of elbow room, but makes friends easily with both human and doggie alike. Welcome, Sweetie! It’ll be nice to have such a friendly gal like you around.

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Photos by Molly Wald

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