Blind kitty brings a new rhythm to her adopter’s life

Joseph has a new early morning wake-up call, spends more time reading and remembers to enjoy the little things thanks to Karen, his new senior cat.
By Nicole Hamilton

Joseph recently turned over quite a few new leaves: He’s keeping a tidier house, gets up at the crack of dawn and is taking more time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. He’s also reading more because when he sits down with an open book, his cat, Karen, hops up onto his lap and makes herself at home.

It’s Karen who is behind Joseph’s new early morning routine, as well as his new habit of picking up everything off the floor. Since Karen is blind, it’s best if she walks a clear path so it’s easier for her to get around.

The decision to adopt Karen came easy for Joseph, who had thought about sharing his home with a cat ever since that day he gave his landlord a lift to work. The landlord told Joseph all about Karen, who he was fostering from Best Friends in Utah. When he asked Joseph if he might be interested in meeting the cat, his reply was unequivocally yes.

Joseph says Karen (who has hypothyroidism that’s controlled with medicine) has made an easy adjustment to her new home, and she’s helping him settle into a new rhythm, too. “I come home from school and Karen says, ‘It’s my turn.’ So now I’ll actually sit down and relax a little bit.”

Caring for Karen, he says, isn’t any more difficult than caring for a cat with normal eyesight. In fact, when asked if there’s anything else necessary to accommodate a blind kitty he says: “Nope. Just love her.”

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