Book review: ‘The Book of Pawsome’

Engaging reflections on how our feline friends enrich our lives
By Sally Rosenthal

Cover of the book, The Book Of Pawsome: Head Bonks, Raspy Tongues, And 101 Reasons Cats Make Us So, So HappyI imagine most of us have spent far more time at home than expected over the last few months. Because I am a fairly recent widow, friends often get in touch to see how I am managing on my own. Thanking them for their thoughtfulness, however, I remind them I am not alone. I have my rescued cat, Tamsin, to provide company, laughter and structure to my day.

Just ask my favorite cat lady, Gwen Cooper, author of The Book of Pawsome, for the scoop on how our feline companions bring joy and comfort into our lives. Known for several books about life with her blind cat Homer and My Life In The Cat House, Cooper, as much as any mere mortal can, really understands what makes domestic cats tick ― especially in times of stress in a world turned upside down.

Cats are now going those extra miles racing throughout our homes to bring smiles to our faces and taking their cuddling responsibilities even more seriously to lower our stress levels. Whether snuggling surrounded by furry little bodies on a Sunday morning sleep-in, detailing living room mountaineering feats of daring by an athletic tabby or describing how a gentle paw of concern can brighten a dreary day, in a volume bound to appeal to all cat lovers, Cooper hones in on cats’ innate abilities to make their humans’ lives immeasurably better when worry and uncertainty are the norm.

The Book Of Pawsome: Head Bonks, Raspy Tongues, and 101 Reasons Cats Make Us So, So Happy by Gwen Cooper. Independently Published, 2020. Softcover, 166 pages, $12.99.

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