Book review: ‘Wednesday Walks & Wags’

A sweet story of love and new beginnings for rescued dogs and the people they adore
By Sally Rosenthal

Moving into her new Anchorage, Alaska, apartment with three rescued dogs spells the start of a new life for Bridget, a vet tech and animal shelter volunteer. Still mourning the death of her mother a few months earlier, plucky 20-something Bridget is certain that an overflowing schedule will keep her focused on tasks at hand and away from the sadness lurking in her heart. Working as a vet tech, volunteering at a local animal shelter and planning a return to college to further her dream of becoming a veterinarian scarcely leaves time for the Sunday potluck club get-togethers she shares with close friends. 

So, why would Bridget spontaneously add after-work runs with her dogs and new neighbor, Wesley, an aloof yet alluring man who runs with two large, rescued dogs and away from a past that haunts him?  As time progresses, Bridget is drawn to Wesley, who can’t open himself to her until a chance encounter at one of the Sunday events breaks the silence. 

To tell more of the plot would be unfair to readers, who will quickly become caught up in Storm’s engaging tale of second chances for all the characters, human and canine. 

Wednesday Walks & Wags by Melissa Storm. Kensington Books, 2020. Softcover, 210 pages, $15.99. 

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Photo by Sarah Ause Kichas

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