Cat who sounds like a bird

Former feral cat sounds exactly like a bird -- perhaps a pigeon or a dove. This guy has mellowed a lot since his early days as a feral kitty.
By David Dickson

Feisty is all cat...With that in mind, it’s hard to walk by Feisty’s play area when he’s in a good mood and not suspect something is amiss. You see, when he purrs, he sounds exactly like a pigeon. Or a dove. Or a really effective bird caller.

A bird cat?

Um, Feisty? Whatcha doin? Trying to lure some of the wildlife over for an up-close and

Really, folks, in a place where hundreds of special cats live, this little vocal trick of Feisty’s is unique in every way. A cat who coos. You only have to rev up the engine and he keeps going and going all on his own.

Former feral cat mellows

Feisty came to Best Friends as a trapped feral cat in 1996. He used to be a bit of a loaded pistol, lunging and scratching at whomever he didn’t like. Over the years, though, he’s settled down quite a lot and now enjoys displaying his vocal talents for pets and scratches. Only don’t try to approach him with a grooming brush. Rumor has it, that’s when he trades in the bird calls for an alligator growl!

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Photos by Molly Wald